SEGA Sonic Rivals 2 – Genesis Collection Bundle Review

Is it nostalgia? Could it be desperation? Did SEGA just run out of ideas or was this bundle back released due to popular demand?

Whatever the case may be, SEGA released the Sonic Rivals 2/Genesis Collection Bundle. The two-disk PSP collection consists of Sonic Rivals 2 on one box/disk while the Genesis Collection Bundle is featured on the second disk and it includes 28 classic games.

When I saw this new bundle I instantly knew that I had to get it. I grew up with the original Nintendo and the SEGA Genesis. To me this bundle falls into the nostalgia category. One of my all-time favorite games happens to be included in this bundle, Phantasy Star III. It must have been over 15 years since I played and beat Phantasy Star III and I can’t wait to repeat history. If it tells you how I feel about this classic game, I even spend a few hours digging out my strategy guide for it.

After so many years patiently waiting in a box, this book will be useful once again. But Phantasy Star III – Generations of Doom is just one game. 27 more classic games await me plus the Sonic Rivals 2 game.

Memories… When I was twelve years old I would have never guessed that years down the road I would have a chance to play all my favorite SEGA games years down the road and write reviews about them. This is the good life. But reminiscing abut the past will not get those games reviewed so I better start working. Out of the 28 classic games featured in this bundle only 12 are listed on the box which leaves 16 games as a complete mystery. Lets find out together what the hidden games are and how all of them handle the PSP. Personally, I can’t wait.

Let’s face it, if you’re getting the SEGA Sonic Rivals 2/Genesis Collection bundle because the titles take you down memory lane, then this bundle pack is worth every single penny.

If you saw that this bundle comes with 29 SEGA games and you purchased it just out of greed, odds are that you will be very disappointed. Even though Sonic Rivals has decent graphics and sound, the 28 other classic SEGA games are 2-D and the sound is limited to mostly beeps, clicks, bangs, and cracks. Not only that, but the games are not even altered for wide screen.

This really is a pack intended for fans of the classics. But if you can stomach the limited sound and the poor graphics, you should be able to stay busy and entertained for a very long time.

I must have dropped hundreds of dollars in quarters on all the arcade games such as Golden Axe and Altered Beast in my youth and it feels great to get my revenge on the arcades. Now, instead of dropping another quarter in the machine I just get to press the ‘continue’ button on the PSP.

Take that Golden Axe! The stories are beautiful, the gameplay solid and after playing modern games with millions of button combinations, those classic games finally feel easier than when I was twelve. I’ve had a blast with this collection, but once again, if you can not handle the poor graphics and sound, odds are that you will not have fun.

Take a look at some of the screenshots and decide for yourself. Last but not least, I want to share that many of the games featured in this bundle have multiplayer options. If the original game allowed for 2 players gameplay, you and your friends can recreate those classic multiplayer moments.

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