Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Quad Core and i975XBX2

Intel has been in the forefront of computer processors design for many years. When I first started in computers Intel was the only game in town. AMD came into the limelight with their AMD Athlon XP CPUs that offered as good as or better than the equivalently clocked Intel processors at the time for a lower price.

Two years ago AMD really came into their own by introducing the first 64-bit consumer CPU in the Athlon 64.

It was only a year ago that Intel launched its first Dual Core CPU, the 840 Extreme Edition series. A little over 6 months ago Intel launched its Core 2 platform that combined the L2 cache of two processor cores.

Today, Intel is releasing the next step in computing, Quad-Core. Virtually every CPU release has also had a new motherboard chipset release.

The Dual Core CPUs came with the 955X chipset. Core 2 CPUs were launched together with the 965P chipset. Today Intel is launching their next high-end motherboard chipset, the 975XBX2 to support the X6700 CPU. Today I’m covering both the Intel Quad Core X6700 and the Intel 975XBX2 board.

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